Exploring your self-deceptions

All of us benefit from insights into our own emotions and thoughts. Perhaps you have been trying to figure out your problems yourself. If so, you may have noticed that you cannot discover what you are doing or thinking that makes you feel so bad. You may wonder why. Our minds automatically avoid unpleasant experiences and realizations. We need intimate relationships with people who will give us honest feedback about ourselves.
Honest feedback, like the responses you will get from me in analysis, will help you learn how you have been fooling yourself and repeating old familiar patterns without even knowing it. Perhaps you just change the subject, without realizing you have moved away from an exploration that could have taught you something important about yourself. Telling little half truths, avoiding certain feelings if they make you uncomfortable, or deceiving yourself about yourself may relieve you in the short term, but it interferes with your long term growth and development as an individual. Without honest feedback, we cannot know the ways we avoid the emotional truth about ourselves.