The Analytic Relationship

The relationship between you and me is an important vehicle for learning about yourself. Our relationship will become a means of learning about your history. Together we will be able to analyze and find meaning in how you relate to me. Your experience with me will teach you about yourself, but it will also enable you to become your own analyst, and find emotional meaning and connection in your life. Doing this will hopefully increase your capacity for love and satisfaction.

Object relations psychoanalysts, like me, do not prescribe behaviors or provide strategies for living. I will not give you advice. Rather, I will listen to you, following you wherever your mind and emotions take you. I will encourage you to speak freely, saying whatever is on your mind and whatever occurs spontaneously in our sessions. Sometimes you may bring me your dreams or your stories of the past. Sometimes you will tell me about your immediate responses to what I have done or said. In this way, neither you nor I know ahead of time what we will talk about or what we will experience. However, my experience as an analyst has shown me how working together in this way will help you.

Using the couch will help you speak to me without the usual social constraints on conversation. I will encourage you to speak freely
. I know that is not an easy thing to do, but I will help you put words to your experience. As an Object Relations analyst, I am active and speak often, letting you know my thoughts about what you are showing me. Analysis will hopefully not only help you with any psychological symptoms that have been bothering you. It will also help you know yourself better, increase your self-reflection and improve your sensitivity to yourself and others.

Self reflection and self discovery will help you find meaning in your life.